20 is plenty

Published 30 March 2012

The “20 is plenty” scheme is operating at key points around Staffordshire to help motorists remember their obligation to drive at safe speeds for the conditions at the time. When children are on the move, this may be considerably slower than the posted speed limit.

Signs are coming to Abbots Bromley and new sign posts for this scheme are already in place on the pavement near to the Bagots and another by Ruchi. At the other end of the village signs will go on an existing post at the zebra crossing and a new post outside Ivy House. In recognition of the conservation area, Highways have provided black posts rather than the silver coloured ones as these are less considered less intrusive. The posts will not be a permanent feature and will be removed when the scheme has come to an end.

Information about a national campaign to promote 20mph in areas where people live can be found on the 20 is plenty web pages.

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