Renewal of Water Mains

The mains to be replaced were installed in 1921 and replacement is necessary due both to degradation of the existing main and, in some areas, to increase capacity. In addition to a number of leaks and bursts in recent years, some properties also suffer from poor water quality due to iron from corrosion of the pipes.

Replacement will be taking place from the Rugeley turn, along Uttoxeter Road, Bagot Street, High Street, Lichfield Road, Cow Lane and back onto Lichfield Road. Also, from the junction with Bagot Street, along Goose Lane then Seedcroft Lane past Waters Road to the general area of Seedcroft Farm.

For the main road, most of the work will be carried out on the verges and footways rather than on the road, although lane closure will be necessary to provide a safe working environment and enough space to operate equipment and store materials. Each section is expected to take about 3 days to complete – so the direct impact on specific parts of the village should therefore be relatively short term.

In the case of Goose and Seedcroft Lanes, total closures of the road will be necessary with diversions set up.

Staffordshire Local Transport Plan

A selection of documents relating to the Staffordshire Local Transport Plan (including progress reports on the previous plan) are now available online for viewing or printing.

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