Now you see them, now you don’t

Following cable damage reported in an earlier news item, normal operation of the street lights in the High Street has now been restored following work by Central Networks and ABB to install new timers.

Any further problems with the street lights can be reported using the normal route which is to ring Clarence on 0800 23 23 23 and give details of the light location and reference number.

Invitation to tender: Village grass cutting

Sealed tenders must reach the Council by 29 November 2006 and will be considered at the Council meeting that evening.

Anyone interested in tendering for this contract should contact the Parish Clerk to receive full details of the work to be carried out and the tender process.

Write to:
Abbots Bromley Parish Council
31 Goose Lane
Abbots Bromley
WS15 3DE

Or email:
parish dot council at

Street lights on in the daytime?

As a result of recent damage to cables during work in the main street, the timer control of the wall-mounted lights is no longer operating. Keeping the lights on continuously is the short term solution.

This type of control is now obsolete and instead of expensive repairs to an out-dated system, it is proposed to replace the damaged circuit with floor-mounted control units that can form the basis for the next generation of street lighting.

Adopting this approach will avoid an extensive loss of supply for the village while the old circuit was repaired and will help ensure that the money spent has long term benefits.

Work is in progress to specify and commission the work required but the lights will be on continuously until this is carried out.

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