Walk off the Christmas Corpulence

Have you enjoyed your Christmas food just a little more than you should have? One of the healthiest ways to undo some of the damage is with some fresh air and exercise. Even if you did not over-indulge, you can still enjoy these great country walks with us.

New Year’s Day: Starting from the Butter Cross at 10:00am on Monday 1st January, this 5-6 mile walk is being led by John Perkin. Bring a picnic lunch and start the New Year with some invigorating exercise, views and company.

Saturday 6th January: Also starting from the Butter Cross at 1000am, this walk of 6-7 miles led by Ron Sayers will take in Radmore Wood and Bagots Park. Bring a picnic lunch and make the most of this opportunity for a guided walk around local footpaths.

The Abbots Bromley Footpath Society have a programme of walks throughout the year which are open to all to come and enjoy.

Recycle Your Christmas Tree

If every household in East Staffordshire has areal Christmas tree this year, then approximately 46,000 will need to be disposed of!

They can be successfully recycled into wood chips and compost. You can help by taking your used tree to:

Strawberry Garden Centre
ramshall Road


Byrkley Garden Centre
Brykley Drive
Burton upon Trent

between 2nd and 26th January.

Golfers Light up the Village

Although the Christmas tree on Abbots Bromley village green has been lit up in the past, this year sees a significant improvement following a grant from local golfers. The rather limited string of large bulbs used in recent years has been retired in favour of more contemporary strings of LEDs in different colours.

Abbots Bromley Parish Council were delighted to accept a kind offer from “Abbots Bromley Challenge” to help fund replacement lights. Abbots Bromley Challenge is a group of golfers from the village and surrounding area who organise a golf day each year to raise funds for local causes.

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