“My Kingdom for a Horse”

This is a remarkable theatrical tour de force, with actor Richard Derrington playing ALL the characters. Richard is an accomplished RSC actor with both radio and TV roles, who has written and directed this unusual view of the famous King Richard III. The play is packed with humour, intrigue and is pure entertainment which sheds light on a mysterious piece of English history.

This play will be a top class, professional performance not to be missed. The evening also offers a bar and refreshments. Tickets are available from committee members, by calling 01283 840122 or 10889 500660, or can be obtained from the village Post Office, Wilson’s butchers or ‘Top Shop’.

Tickets are priced at £6.00 per adult (£4.00 for under 16’s and Senior Citizens).

“This is a Live & Local performance supported by East Staffordshire Borough Council, Staffordshire County Council and The Arts Council (England).”

It could be you

Abbots Bromley Parish Council has nine members elected to serve for four years. No special qualifications are required to be a Councillor and, for the first time this year, those under 21 but over the age of 18, are eligible to stand.

Councillors must live, work or own land in the parish to qualify and will need to follow a formal process of nomination that will be posted nearer the date of the election.

Acting as a Parish Councillor is unpaid, and requires a commitment of a few hours a month to attend meetings and review documents. Those who are elected to the Council will receive any training required to help them function effectively.

Parish Councils hold a unique place in local government with few duties that they must perform but many powers that they can exercise. The extent to which they are sucessful in promoting and building their own community depends on the level of commitment and enthusiasm of the Councillors and it is an opportunity to to do much – or virtually nothing!

Ambulance Services to merge under false pretences

Full details of the reasons why our MP believes this proposal does a great disservice to the people of Staffordshire can found on his web pages.

Local people who value the high level of service provided by their Ambulance Service may wish to register their protests by writing to the Chief Executives of the ambulance services concerned.

Rural Access to Services Partnership “Wheels to Work”

The Rural Access to Services Partnership (RASP) has been set up to look at the issues faced in rural areas of Staffordshire in accessing services.

Although longer term this will consider many other aspects of rural access, the initial emphasis will be a “Wheels to Work” scheme. This is designed to help those who want to take up education, employment or training opportunities but are currently prevented from doing so by lack of transport.

If you know of some specific needs in our village that might be helped by this programme, please discuss it with one of the Parish Councillors.

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