Jubilee Cup winners 2007

In making the award Council Chairman Philip Charles paid tribute to the group of nine active members which has maintained a virtually continuous 24 x 7 cover since it went ‘live’.

He went on to say, “This is a tremendous achievement and an extremely valuable service to our community. It is important to remember that it is a totally voluntary activity. All the volunteers give whatever time they can to the rota and we must acknowledge that, in this day and age, time is a very precious commodity to give to others.

“As a Parish Council, and on behalf of the community, we sincerely thank all the volunteers for their contribution.”

This one is for you

Although each of the reports given at the Annual Parish Assembly contains useful information, not everyone likes to sit and listen to them all at one session.

Their publication in written form makes them more widely available, and allows us to use the time at the assembly for more interactive content. You can download your own copy of the annual report and come along on 18th April to ask any questions you have on the contents.

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