PACT meeting will be held on Tuesday, 22nd July, 2008

The meeting will be attended by the Police, the Parish Council, the County Council and the Borough Council.

At the end of each meeting a vote is taken on the most important issues which are then allocated to the appropriate body/person to be followed up prior to the next meeting.

This really is your chance to have your say, get things done and make a difference in your community.

Dig out your photo albums, and start snapping

The photos can be as simple as ones of your back garden or your front room – and you can be in them, or not. You can send in a photo of your local bus-stop, or favourite corner of your neighbourhood pub† or even your pets† or sights on your walks round the area. One man from Newcastle under Lyme submitted 5000 pictures!

All photos are welcome, and there is no cost involved as all you have to do is post them on a website. All is explained on the (link expired). It also shows you how to submit your photos.

But – and this is the thing – you need to do it quickly, because the Big Picture project must finish on June 30th!
Okay – get snapping – it’s your chance to make your garden/area/street famous!

Vacancy for Parish Councillor

When a vacancy comes up on the Parish Council, it can be filled either with a by-election or by the existing members of the Council co-opting a new member.

As the cost of a by-election has to be borne by the Council tax payers of the village, the new member is most often co-opted to save this expense. However, if ten or more electors request an election, one will be held. Such requests must reach the Electoral Officer at East Staffordshire Borough Council before 20th June.

Anyone interested in becoming a Parish Councillor should contact the Clerk to Council, Mrs Sue Buxton, on 01543-472346.

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