Update on street lighting

Mr Steve Bradbury – Lighting Manager from Staffordshire County Council and Mr Martin Beavis – Project Manager from Eon (formerly ABB) attended along with County Cllr Philip Atkins, Borough Cllr Alex Fox, all parish councillors and 24 members of the public.

After an extended public session, the parish council met and agreed the following:-.

SCC and Eon be requested to investigate or provide the following and report back on progress to the parish council meeting on 26th November, 2008:-
(1) Review whether any of the wall mounted lights can be replaced with lower wattage fittings and what the cost would be
(2) Look at shielding any wall mounted lights which shine into bedrooms and where the wattage cannot be reduced and what the cost would be
(3) Switch off the two back lights on the twin headed lamp stands on Crown Bank from tomorrow and the parish council will review this at their meeting on 29th October, 2008 to see if this experiment can continue if no complaints have been received
(4) Look at alternative lighting designs for Crown Bank included a fully wall mounted scheme so that it can be shown through the presentation of such a scheme that a wall mounted scheme is not feasible
(5) Request technical specifications and costs for all proposals to be discussed

The clerk will forward details of everyone who has complained to her about light pollution from wall mounted lights through their windows to Steve Bradbury and he will review all complaints made to SCC so that all wall lights which have been the subject of a complaint regarding light pollution are looked at with a view to reducing the wattage.

If there is anyone else affected by light pollution in the bedroom windows from wall mounted lights, please let the clerk know as quickly as possible via the parish council email address (above) and the offending lights can be included in the above investigation.

Delivery of Bulletins
The parish council would like to apologise to any residents living in Cecil Payton Close, Alfred Lyons Close, Salter Grange, Longlands Place and Pagets Rise who did not receive their bulletins until after the meeting on 22nd October, 2008, this was due to unforeseen circumstances. There were several notices around the village about the meeting.

Mrs Sue Buxton
Clerk to the Parish Council
24th October, 2008

Extraordinary meeting of the Parish Council

This additional meeting will provide members of the public with an oppportunity to hear from, and discuss with, County and District Councillors, matters such as the new lighting. The meeting agenda is available on these web pages.

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