Opus Theatre Company "Bride or Groom" on 7th March 200

Bride or Groom?

By Bill Cashmore and Andy Powrie
`Bride or Groom?’ tells the story of the struggle to get to and then attend a wedding reception. The first act concerns two very different couples who are thrown together in the race to be on time for a friends wedding. Disaster after
hysterical disaster happens, with the cars breaking down, trains being missed, fights, and a slow motion race to the bus stop to get the only available seats!!

They do get there, but all is not quite what it seems!!!
The second act is a set of people who play not only the ‘top table’ but guests at `table F’ who are at the very far end of the reception. The action switches back and forth between the tables and the actors play all of the roles from the drunken bride’s mother to the annoying third rate actor who bores everyone with his stories of off set antics!

Clever and extremely funny, as well as being poignant and touching, ‘Bride or Groom?’ will have audiences laughing with tears of pleasure and pain as the characters unravel the hysterical plot.

…’If you’ve ever been to a wedding then you’ll know disaster is just around the corner!…’

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