News for young people in Abbots Bromley

Youth poster Watch out for posters around the village and further updates to each house and young person planned for the coming weeks.

An Abbots Bromley Youth Club has only become possible through the work of a dedicated team working very closely with Staffs County Council on this project.

The County are supplying 2 paid youth workers each week – one of whom will be paid for by the parish council and
the village will supply a further 2 volunteers each week from a pool of 13 people.

Watch out for further details.

Village Grass Cutting: Invitation to Tender

If you would like to receive the full Invitation to Tender Document, please contact the clerk.

Sealed Tenders must be submitted to the Clerk using the enclosed forms and envelopes and arrive no later than midday on Wednesday 18th November 2009. To verify receipt, those submitting tenders may wish to make use of the “Signed for” delivery service offered by Royal Mail.

Tenders will be opened and considered by the clerk and a councillor and report to the meeting on 25 November 2009, with the outcome communicated in writing to all those who tendered as soon as possible thereafter.

In reviewing the tenders, the Parish Council will not be constrained to accepting the lowest quote but will take into account the principles of “best value”.

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