1914 – 1918 Remembered

Tom Wheeldon writes, “With the centenary of the 1st World War fast approaching I have considered ways in which it may be commemorated locally within our Parish.

For generations we have paid our respects to the fallen of both World Wars of the 20th Century. The names of those killed have been a continual reminder of the horrors of those times, and those men of Abbots Bromley have been as much a part of our lives as many of the other memorable events that form our heritage.

With the enthusiasm of a group of local amateur historians we have commenced a review of the names that appear on our war memorial; the aim being to give a greater insight into who they actually were, and more importantly the history that links them to us all.

The scope of this work is limitless and it could develop in to something quite interesting for all us.

To assist in our endeavour I would ask all residents of Abbots Bromley, and more specifically those with long family associations within the community, to help by providing any individual evidence (eg pictures, documentation etc) associated with the names involved, or even anecdotal stories passed on through the generations.

The links may be direct or indirect. Any information will allow us to develop a clearer picture of the era.

If you can provide any evidence specific to the above, no matter how small, please contact me as indicated below.

The request is being made with great awareness for the human and emotional element that lies at the heart of this project, and all assistance will be treated respectfully.

Thank you

Tom Wheeldon (Telephone: 01283840096)
Callander House, Bagot Street, Abbots Bromley, WS15 3DA

20 is plenty

The “20 is plenty” scheme is operating at key points around Staffordshire to help motorists remember their obligation to drive at safe speeds for the conditions at the time. When children are on the move, this may be considerably slower than the posted speed limit.

Signs are coming to Abbots Bromley and new sign posts for this scheme are already in place on the pavement near to the Bagots and another by Ruchi. At the other end of the village signs will go on an existing post at the zebra crossing and a new post outside Ivy House. In recognition of the conservation area, Highways have provided black posts rather than the silver coloured ones as these are less considered less intrusive. The posts will not be a permanent feature and will be removed when the scheme has come to an end.

Information about a national campaign to promote 20mph in areas where people live can be found on the 20 is plenty web pages.

New contact number for Village Hall

With immediate effect, enquiries about Abbots Bromley Village Hall should be made using 07794-422996 between 9am and 9pm.

Use this number to check details of an existing booking or to ask about availability for future dates.

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