Schools transport consultation – update

Parents with children who may be affected by the proposals should have been notified of the consultation but the documents can be viewed at (link expired).

Under the proposals, parents would have been asked to contribute £380 per year towards the cost of their child using catchment school transport in some circumstances.

A petition was started for those who wished to record their opposition at (link expired)

However, on Monday 1st July the County Council announced that the consultation was being ended and the proposals abandoned.

Horn Dance Sunday Special 2nd June 2013

All dressed up and nowhere to go!

What an opportunity for a fund raiser like me!! We put on a village event, a one off special, appearing at each local pub/restaurant for an hour……

Horn Dance special event June 2013 Abbots Bromley villagers and visitors turned out in force to support this unique event – a one off special by the Horn Dancers – to help raise funds for St Nicholas Church, AB.

The weather turned kind and we had sunshine all the way. The crowds came. Local businesses helped with raffles and donations, church teas and cakes had great success, the Mayor was impressed! The village was united in fun and friendship.

My thanks to all of you for your support, for those who helped behind the scenes, and of course to the Horn Dancers themselves.

Brilliant Day!!! AND…….we raised £1301.38 for St Nicholas Church.

Huge thanks to all.

Martin Godfrey

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