Parish Council Meeting – 25 September 2019

Summary agenda:
1. Apologies for absence
2. Public Session
3. Co-option of new Councillors
4. Declarations of Interests
5. Minutes of Previous Meetings
6. Neighbourhood Plan Update
7. Matters of report
8. Planning
9. Financial Matters
10. Group reports
11. Parish Council Objectives
12. Horn Dance
13. Correspondence, bulletins and reports
14. Agenda items for next meeting
15. Date and time of next meeting
Parish Council Meeting – 7.00pm Wednesday, 30th October 2019 at Village Hall

The full meeting notice and draft minutes of the last meeting are available on these pages

AB Neighbourhood Development Plan Survey – September 2019

Here are the leaflet pages describing the proposed Policy headings and Aims, together with currently identified potential areas for designation as Local Green spaces:
* AB Themes and Policies – September 2019 (678.1 Kb)
* AB Local Green Spaces – September 2019 (523.0 Kb)

In order that community opinion shapes the outcome of the Draft Plan, the additional Feedback sheet invites residents to make their observations known to the NDPG. The Feedback sheet may be printed and returned as indicated on the leaflet, or through completion of the online survey (please see link below).
* NP Survey Form – September 2019 (29.1 Kb)

Thank you for your interest and participation.

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