Parish Council Meeting – 26 February 2020

Summary agenda:
1. Apologies for absence
2. Public Session
3. Declarations of Interests
4. Minutes of Previous Meetings
5. Neighbourhood Plan Update
6. Matters of report
7. Planning
8. Financial Matters
9. Group reports
10. Correspondence, bulletins and reports
11. Agenda items for next meeting
12. HS2
13. Date, time and place of next meetings
7.00pm Wednesday, 25th March 2020 at Village Hall

The full meeting notice and draft minutes of the last meeting are available on these pages

Vacancy for Parish Councillor – February 2020

When a vacancy comes up on the Parish Council, it can be filled either with a by-election or by the existing members of the Council co-opting a new member.

As the cost of a by-election has to be borne by the Council tax payers of the village, the new member is most often co-opted to save this expense. However, if ten or more electors request an election, one will be held. Such requests must reach the Electoral Officer at East Staffordshire Borough Council before 27th February 2020.

Anyone interested in the vacancy can contact the Parish Clerk for further details and/or to register their interest. (Email

A formal notice can be viewed Notice of Parish Council Vacancy – February 2020 (15.0 Kb).

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