Notice of the completion of Annual Accounts. Exercise of public rights commences 1st July for 30 working days.

The Accounts have now been completed and agreed at the Council meeting.

2023-2024 Bank Reconciliation AB


Exercise of Public rights

Explanation of significant variances in the accounting statements

Notice of Parish Council meeting 26th June 2024

June Agenda

Abbots Bromley Parish Assembly

We welcome everyone to join us for our annual parish assembly


Refreshments will be available from 6.30pm.


Parish Council Assembly 2024

The Parish Council assembly will be held on Wednesday 29th May 2024 6.30pm.


Notice of Parish Council meeting 24th April 2024

April Agenda

Community Update

Good afternoon,

Thank you to all the residents who contact the Parish Council to advise of issues, there are a few on-going issue’s at the moment which many find very frustrating, we can assure you we are trying our best to get resolutions and will update this post when advised of any updates.

Water leak crown bank-

Update 24/03/2024-

The Gulley emptying team attended on Friday 22nd and removed the cover in order to empty the chamber, however this was unsuccessful and filled back up almost straight away. Attempts were made to clear using a pressure washing hose but there is a blockage.

The manhole cover and the gulley are interconnected and both filled with water, someone will be attending with a boroscopic camera to determine exactly where the blockage is.

Cllr Phillip Atkins and Senior Managers at SCC are aware and have promised to update as soon as possible.

What was previously a noisy man hole cover is now a serious water leak causing damage to local houses.

ESBC have been informed and have been out to test the water, we are waiting on confirmation of the results from them.

Severn Trent/Staffs Water have both been out to investigate and have confirmed the issue isn’t with the infrastructure and it is a drainage issue.

This has now been referred back to County Council advising them that the companies have denied responsibility and we will ensure our County Councillor is aware of this issue.

Flooding- Seedcroft/Goose lane

This has been raised by the PC, Councillors and residents, Cllr Atkins has been out and visited. The road was closed when the lane became impassable but signs were attempted to be removed recently and there has been no offer of any resolution from County Council.

Local businesses are being affected and nearby drains are beginning to struggle increasing the level of the flooding.

Play Areas

We are aware that the Nuttery is slippy at the moment and have planned a clean up day on Saturday the 30th to arrange a litter pick and jet wash the park equipment ready for Spring.

All residents are welcome to join us.

Notice of Parish Council meeting 28th Feb 2024

February Agenda

Planning Application P/2023/01348

The parish council will be discussing the above application relating to Infiniti Restaurant, residents are more than welcome to join us and discuss the pro’s and con’s.

The Parish Council will then vote on comments to be entered to against the Planning application in our role as Statutory Consultee.

Residents are encouraged to send in there comments and detail out any issues, personal objections or support of the proposed works. Any comments can be sent to these can then be shared with the Councillors, reviewed and included in a response where suitable.

Please be advised that although a sensitive item people should only speak when requested by the Chair of the meeting, this ensures we are able to accurately minute the meeting.


Notice of Meeting 31st January 2024

Our monthly parish meeting will take place at 7pm at the Village Hall on the 31st January 2023.

Supporting documents will be uploaded 3 days prior to the meeting to ensure the information is all captured.

January Agenda

Jan Communication

Pot Hole day January 15th

After a wet and cold period roads and pot holes are worse than ever, tomorrow is Pot Hole day so we would like to encourage all residents to log any pot hole that they are aware of, only Pot holes reported are inspected and repaired.

Report a fault online – Staffordshire County Council

Reporting is easy, click on the above link and follow the on screen instructions.

Thank you!


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