Abbots Bromley Hospital looks for new trustee

Published 10 March 2011

Abbots Bromley Hospital is responsible for nine Almshouses in the village and is looking for a suitably qualified local person, preferably with accountancy skills, to fill a vacancy left by the departure of a long-standing trustee who has moved away.

Trustees are appointed from both the community and the parish council and in a concerted effort to gain interest from a broad and diverse range of people, the Trust is advertising to fill a position for the first time in its history.

Mithra Tonking, chair of the Abbots Bromley Hospital Trustees, said:
“The Trust has a long and distinguished history of helping individuals in need of housing in Abbots Bromley and being a trustee is an important and rewarding role. The ideal person will have an interest in the local community in or around Abbots Bromley and is a qualified accountant or possesses strong financial acumen.”

The role of trustee involves attending four meetings of the trustees each year. Interested individuals should contact the Trust Administrator, Mrs Christine Jones, on 01283 840420.

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