Abbots Bromley Hot Shots

Published 19 June 2005

They were there to record the aspects of the village which they consider most characteristic of the place they live.

Known around the world for the annual Horn Dance, Abbots Bromley is admired by many as a typical English village captivating visitors and inspiring loyalty amongst those who live there. Despite centuries of change to adapt to the evolving needs of those who live and work there, it somehow retains a unique charm. The challenge is to guide future changes so that it remains a desirable place to live and work without sacrificing the essential character.

Villagers are invited to come and see the results of the photo session in Church House on Saturday 25th June between 10 and 2. They will have the opportunity to add their comments to form the basis of a “Village Design Statement” that will be adopted as supplementary planning guidance reflecting community views into future development.

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