Close the Curtains on Burglars

Published 12 December 2005

For Crime Prevention Advice or a Home Security check please contact Emma or Simon at Neighbourhood Watch on 01785 23598. Some top tips for home security include:

{*]With the nights drawing in, draw the curtains when it goes dark to prevent potential intruders from viewing inside your property
[*}Burglars prefer to operate where they won’t be seen, so consider fitting low dusk-to-dawn lighting around the outside of your home; it’s cheap to run and can make thieves feel more vulnerable. Use 9watt lighting to the front of the house and 11 or 1 Swatt at the side and rear.
{*]Check your doors and windows to make sure burglars can’t get in when they are closed and locked. Consider fitting window locks and mortise locks for doors.
[*}If you feel vulnerable, don’t answer the door to uninvited callers.
{*]If you don’t arrive home until after dark, consider using timer switches for lights and TV or radio to make your home look as if someone is home
[*}Stay safe when out and about in dark nights avoid unlit back streets or aiiey ways. Do not walk down the street with a brightly lit mobile phone that may attract would be robbers.
[*]Consider purchasing a personal attack alarm to carry on your person, this will act as reassurance for yourself and will scare off anyone who approaches you. You can purchase personal attack alarms from your local DIY shops for a small price.

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