Abbots Bromley Planning


East Staffordshire Borough Council (ESBC) is the Local Planning Authority for Abbots Bromley, but the Parish Council is a statutory consultee for planning applications within the parish.

Planning Application Consultation

The Parish Council responses to recent planning application consultations are included in the meeting minutes and can also be viewed (with any comments from neighbours and other statutory consultees) on the ESBC Planning Portal.

To view any current applications for Abbots Bromley, visit the ESBC Planning Portal and select “Undecided applications” from the left hand menu then choose “Abbots Bromley” as the “Parish” on the displayed form.

Local Plan

The East Staffordshire Local Plan 2012-2031 plays a key role in defining policies applied in determining planning applications alongside national planning guidance.

Neighbourhood Plan

There is a Neighbourhood Development Plan Working Group working to create an Abbots Bromley Neighbourhood Plan that will, when adopted, provide additional local guidance for planning officers.