Drop it and you’ll cop it, No Excuses!!

Published 1 May 2007

East Staffordshire Borough Council is now issuing fixed penalty notices for littering offences. This means, if you drop litter anywhere, you could face an on the spot fine of £75. This not only includes if you drop litter when on foot, but if you throw it from your vehicle, you may also incur the fine.

Just consider the impact on the environment littering has. It not only causes the local environment to look untidy, it has a negative impact on the overall visual appearance of the area, discouraging people to want to live, work and visit our Borough. And, discarded cans and other food packages can cause serious harm to wildlife.

Litter can be anything that is thrown down, dropped or deposited on land open to the air including chewing gum and cigarette butts.
Think before you drop it and use a litter bin, the contents of which are recycled. By not leaving litter behind, you are not only helping to keep East Staffordshire tidy, but also doing your bit to protect our environment by recycling your waste.

Andrew Bird, Head of Environment Services, said “It is our primary aim to encourage people not to drop litter in the first instance, however, we are also prepared to take formal action if necessary. An awareness campaign, which will be backed up by positive enforcement, will help reduce littering offences. We are currently visiting schools, and our community wardens are advising people in hot spot areas caught dropping litter that in future, they could face a fine.”

So remember, to avoid the fine, use a bin, and help East Staffordshire become litter free.

For further information, you can talk the Enforcement Team on 01283 508576 or email us at fpnenquiry@eaststaffsbc.gov.uk

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