Published 6 February 2016

Neighbourhood Planning is a right for communities to shape their own areas. Introduced through the Localism Act 2011, Parishes like Abbots Bromley now have the ability to draw up their own planning policy document. This is unlike any planning document or village design statement that has gone before as once finalised a Neighbourhood Development Plan becomes part of the Local Plan and the policies contained within them are then used in the determination of planning applications. Once a plan is in place developers and decision makers will be legally bound to consider the policies within the plan.

You can find out more about the plan and about consultations and events etc within this section of the Abbots Bromley website. The section on “the Story so far” provides information as to how the Neighbourhood Plan working group was formed and work that has been carried out so far.

Ultimately the Neighbourhood Plan can only be drafted and be a success if we can engage and receive good support from across the Parish. Once the plan is at the final draft stage it will go through a formal referendum whereby all those of voting age will be able to have their say (eligibility criteria is the same as it is to vote in a local election).

Please therefore get involved, follow this website for updates and news on the Neighbourhood Plan progress.

This plan is a fabulous opportunity to shape our community for the future

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