It could be you

Published 16 February 2007

Abbots Bromley Parish Council has nine members elected to serve for four years. No special qualifications are required to be a Councillor and, for the first time this year, those under 21 but over the age of 18, are eligible to stand.

Councillors must live, work or own land in the parish to qualify and will need to follow a formal process of nomination that will be posted nearer the date of the election.

Acting as a Parish Councillor is unpaid, and requires a commitment of a few hours a month to attend meetings and review documents. Those who are elected to the Council will receive any training required to help them function effectively.

Parish Councils hold a unique place in local government with few duties that they must perform but many powers that they can exercise. The extent to which they are sucessful in promoting and building their own community depends on the level of commitment and enthusiasm of the Councillors and it is an opportunity to to do much – or virtually nothing!

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