Message From the Parish Council – May 2020

Published 20 May 2020

I’m sure the majority of parishioners would support the Parish Council in condemning this mindless vandalism to the wooden gate at the top of Millennium Green, particularly at a time when we should all be pulling together to do the very best we can to fight the spread of Covid19 and protect everyone’s health. Considerable costs will be incurred upon the Parish Council’s budget; funds that could have been utilised elsewhere. These costs will ultimately be borne by all parishioners through the precept levied on each household. That is unless the person or persons responsible for this damage are found by the Police or have the decency to come forward and admit to their wrongdoing. Importantly, the antisocial acts of a tiny minority should not detract from the amazing community spirit in Abbots Bromley and the hard work of all those volunteering to ensure the village remains a fantastic place to live. Thanks go to everyone who volunteers in this village, often giving up a great deal of time and at personal expense.

The Nuttery, the Millennium Green Playground and the football pitch by the village hall have been closed for some time. The Parish Council, as Trustees of these facilities have done so in line with clear government guidance and regulations. We understand this will not be universally popular but it has been done in the interests of safety. We are fortunate to be in the heart of the countryside with plenty of fields and open spaces nearby should people wish to visit them. We are simply discouraging illegal gatherings within communal village spaces, as we have been advised to do. Unfortunately on several occasions people have chosen to disregard the closure of these facilities and there has been damage done to several of the gates which has resulted in more stringent security measures, all of which come at a cost.

Cllr Dr C Whorwood, Chair of the Parish Council

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