NDPG (Public Session) meeting 4th April 2019

Published 18 March 2019

Topic: Youth Forum

It is imperative that public opinion is taken into account when producing a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP).

Since November 2018 the Abbots Bromley NDPGroup have invited the public to attend the first programmed group meeting of the month.

These meetings have proved popular, allowing the group to include the public in discussions on a specific topic relevant to the production of the Parish NDP.

If you are unable to attend these meetings, please submit your written views/opinions to the NDPG by dropping off at ‘Top Shop’ (Cash Stores) or The NDPG Secretary, Callander House, Bagot Street, AB.

Notice of these meetings is currently available on the Abbots Bromley.com website; social media; notice-boards throughout the village; NDP minutes; Parish News; Bromley Bulletin (as available).

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