Neightbourhood Watch: Step up security warning

Published 15 January 2013

Chief Inspector Steve Maskrey, East Staffordshire Local Policing Team Commander, said: “We are urging residents to look at their property through the eyes of a burglar and make adjustments if there are weak security spots. Keep burglars out by shutting windows and locking doors, even when you are in the house or the garden. Residents are asked to be extra vigilant and report any suspicious activity or vehicles immediately by ringing 999.”

To keep burglars at bay:

  • secure passageways and side entrances, make sure sheds and garages are fitted with proper security locks, and put tools away so they can’t be used to break in to your home
  • if you have to leave ladders outside, make sure they’re on their side and securely fixed to a wall or permanent fixture
  • keep wheelie bins secure and away from your property to stop thieves using them to get through first floor windows, or setting fire to them
  • when darkness falls close curtains and blinds to stop would-be intruders window shopping
  • mark items with your postcode and house number using an ‘invisible’ pen available from DIY stores. This makes stolen property easier to identify
  • ensure valuable items are not left in plain view and keep them away from windows and doors
  • fit mortise locks to all front and back doors and locks to windows that are in easy reach
  • keep house and car keys safe and away from doors, windows and letterboxes – NEVER leave your car running while it’s defrosting
  • keep garages and sheds secure
  • fit low cost security lighting as a deterrent.

For further information, visit the ‘advice zone’ section of Staffordshire Police’s website, or ring the non emergency number 101.

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