Parish Council sets budget for next year

Published 29 January 2007

When the Council met to consider the budget for 2007/2008, they had to allow for the possible cost of an election in May 2007. Since the costs will only be incurred if there is a poll, and the Returning Officer is currently unable to predict the exact cost, a provision for around half part of the likely cost has been included in the precept (Council Tax) and the balance will be taken from reserves. This approach has enabled the Council to keep the cost of the increase to less than 5%.

The precept for 2007/2008 will be £19,500 compared to £18,800 in the current year. Changes in the number of taxable properties in the parish also affect the cost to individual tax payers.

As the Parish Council element of Council Tax (which also includes Borough and County COuncils, Fire Service and Police) is typically around 2% of the total, this change is very minor in overall effect.

For a Band D Council Tax payer, the Parish Council rate for next year will equate to 7p a day.

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