Path re-construction – Invitation to Tender

Published 2 November 2007

The area to be reconstructed is the circular path around part of the circumference of the play area at the Millennium Green. This area is approximately 28 metres in length, and averages 1.1 metres in width. The area to be restored also includes the patch by the gates linking the path to the tarmac drive leading up to the village hall. (It does not include the sloping path that leads up to the picnic area.)

Since originally installed, this area has deteriorated due to the ingress of vegetation and partial erosion of the surface.

The Parish Council wishes the path to be restored to original condition by:

  • Removal of vegetation from existing path
  • Removal of existing surface to a depth of 50mm
  • Addition of new surface mechanically compacted to the level of the wood surrounds and tarmac drive to create an even footway that can be safely used by wheelchairs, prams and pushchairs

For a copy of the invitation to tender, contact the Parish Clerk on 01283-840153.

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