Rural entrepreneurs sought to boost county farms profile

Published 4 October 2011

With prosperity and economic regeneration at its heart, the county council is looking for highly motivated and ambitious prospective tenants for two of its farm holdings.

Staffordshire County Council values its farm holdings and has developed its portfolio to help regenerate the local economy when many other local authorities have disposed of theirs. It is recognised as a national leader in terms of running county farms.

The county council is now seeking tenants for two holdings where business cases can suitably demonstrate an ability to diversify. This could mean opening a bed and breakfast, tea rooms, farm shop or even something more innovative. With competitive tenancy rates, county farms demonstrate real value for money for those looking to set up a rural business. In addition they’re an asset to the wider taxpayer as they’ll create great returns for the county.

Staffordshire County Council’s cabinet member for assets and the environment Mark Winnington said: “Staffordshire’s rural economy is a vital part of our prosperity agenda and county farms are an integral part of enhancing it.
“We value the hard work and commitment of our tenants, many of whom have established thriving enterprises and developed successful careers.
“With our latest tenancies we are really looking for ambitious people with agricultural experience, but who are looking to diversify and build up another business on site.
“They will need to demonstrate their capability to do this, but we know there are many people with the skills and drive to be a success.”

County farms tenants need to have had five years’ agricultural experience which can include three in agricultural training or education. They must be able to provide a detailed business plan which includes two years’ cash flow and budgets. There is no age restriction for tenants. Holdings include a house, buildings and land. For the two advertised tenancies, prospective tenants will need to have sufficient capital to finance their suggested enterprise.

Anyone who would like further information should contact the county farms team on 01785 277721 or email

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