Sustainablity Roadshow in Stafford

Published 18 August 2006

As part of their current Development Plan, Sustainable Staffordshire has organised a second ‘Sustainability Roadshow.’ This event will take place on Tuesday 22 August 2006 in Stafford Market Square from 10am to 3.30pm.

The exhibitors are:

    {*] Low Impact Living; [*} Sustainable Travel Team; {*] Community Council of Staffordshire; [*} Back 2 Bikes; {*] Schott UK Ltd; [*} Staffordshire Wildlife Trust; {*] Sustainable Staffordshire; [*} Staffordshire County Council Recycling Team.

Free information and friendly advice will be available covering bio-diesel, organic gardening, energy efficiency, micro – generation schemes, grants, green transport, eco-paint, local food, water saving, community action, composting, recycling, rural issues, parish plans, nature conservation and lots more.

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