Tarmac Trophy comes to Abbots Bromley

Published 1 August 2005

The village has scooped the Tarmac East Staffordshire district trophy after winning the large village category, and going head to head with the districts small village winner Newborough.

It is the 50th year of Staffordshire’s annual Best Kept Village (BKV) competition, and with an impressive 68 entries in total, competition was fierce.

Villages were judged in three rigorous rounds that ran from February 2005 until the end of July. They were viewed by the expert eyes of the judging team, who not only marked them on appearance, quality of amenities and environmental awareness but also on their level of community spirit and involvement.

Peter Jackson, Chairman of the BKV Working Group said: ”68 villages took part in the Best Kept Village 2005 competition. The competition has come to a successful conclusion with villages maintaining very high standards with much evidence of community involvement. This is reflected in the way they are working together to improve the environment and taking pride in their village”.

Eric Roy, resident of Abbot’s Bromley and representative for the parish council said: “Winning the title this year has been an extremely pleasant surprise. We haven’t made any significant changes to our village this year, but we have been concentrating on a number of smaller improvements made by dedicated villagers – and it’s paid off! This is the 25th year we have entered the BKV competition, and each year the bar is raised. We’re so proud to have won, and the fact that our win comes in the 50th year of the competition makes it even more special.”

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