Voices 2005

Published 12 February 2005

The BBC is launching a huge, nation-wide study into the ways that we speak – the dialects, the regional languages, the accents, and the special words of our locality. Do you know words like ronk? Or nesh? Or blarting? If so, you can help.
Ways of speaking in Staffordshire are said to be those that closest relate to Old English, so the input of people in Staffordshire is especially valued!

What the BBC would like is that everyone who has access to an internet computer logs on to its website and fills out a short questionnaire about the words you know and use. It takes hardly any time at all, but the contribution will add greatly to our knowledge of our fast-disappearing regional dialects. All the results will be passed on to academics who will analyse and publish the results in one of the biggest surveys of English and other UK languages ever undertaken.

Please help if you can – or it may be too late.

Log on to http://www.bbc.co.uk/staffordshire/voices2005 and find out more.

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